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Buy Harchi with delivery to Europe

Harchi™ – travel the world. Tourists who go on a hike, travel the world – like our products. You can see this by visiting our #Harchi -Facebook page.

Harchi™ – delicious, nutritious, compact. For their preparation you need only hot water and 10 minutes of your patience. Cooking is not necessary. Boiling water is poured directly into the package and after 10 minutes you can eat.

We offer European consumers to buy our products,  on our website Harchi ™. Time of delivery is calculated before payment, as usual deliverz time 7-10 days. It is reasonable to buy products that cost you 1-1,5 euros with pay for delivery, and not 4,5-7 euros as in Europe.

We hope you will love our food, our brand Harchi™ !