Hike's flask for 5 litres of water

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40.00 грн.

Product description

A flask for five litres of water. The weight without water is 0.064 kg.
It’s made of solid footage. You can collapse it as you want.
It is very advantageous to take with me for the preparation of Harchi TM.
Your journey is more comfortable!

Additional information

Gross weight 0.085 kg
Package size 29 × 27 × 2 cm

1 review for Hike's flask for 5 litres of water

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    З товаришем отримали в подарунок такі фляги коли робили велике замовлення. В цілому гарна ідея для тари коли воду треба носити по місцю стоянки.

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